SportsPower Nowra Members Rewards ProgramSportsPower Nowra Members Rewards Program

SportsPower Nowra Members Rewards Program

SportsPower Nowra is excited to offer Members a Program as a reward for customer loyalty.

Benefits of program are below.

Member Only Pricing

Periodically we will have Members or Fan Club specials on a wide range of products throughout store or on the website which rewards you for being a member.

VIP Shopping

We will open the store by appointment just for you!! You will not only receive all the Members offers, but our staff will be on hand to serve your every requirement without any interruption.

Rewards Dollars

Every time you shop online or in store your spending will accumulate and once it reaches $500 you will receive a $25 discount to use towards your next purchase.


It can be frustrating to miss out on the latest products because you did not know it was available. You can now receive the latest product information, availability, sales and specials before non-members.

Terms & Conditions


1. Introduction

a.K-Sports Management Pty Ltd ACN: 146074759 (trading as SportsPower Nowra) runs a Member Rewards program.

b.Each member consents and agrees to receive marketing information such as offers, specials, discounts and competitions from SportsPower Nowra, by email, mail and or SMS.

2. Membership

a. Membership of the Rewards Program is only available to individuals. Membership is for personal use only and not to be used by or on behalf of any business or company.

b. Individuals may apply to be a Member by completing and submitting an application form:

i.At SportsPower Nowra: 82-84 Junction St, Nowra, NSW 2541

ii.On our website:

iii.By post: 82-84 Junction St, Nowra, NSW 2541

c.Employees of SportsPower Nowra are not eligible to be a Member of the Rewards Program.

d.All applications for Membership are subject to and at the sole discretion of SportsPower Nowra. Failure to provide necessary information may result in
application being unsuccessful.

e.Members Rewards discounts only apply to full priced items sold by SportsPower Nowra and are not available in conjunction with any offer, unless  otherwise specified.

f.Any Members Rewards cards remain the property of SportsPower Nowra. The cards are not transferable and are no way shape or form a credit or charge

g.All prospective Members are required to have and maintain a valid email address in order to partyicipate in the Members Rewards Program and notify SportsPower Nowra of:

i.Any change of email or postal address

ii.A lost or stolen card

h.In the event that a Members card is lost or stolen and a replacement card is required than please contact SportsPower Nowra.

3. Participation

a.Participation in the Members Rewards Program is subject to the full terms and conditions and any variations to them.

b.To participate in the Members Rewards Program a member is required to present issued card or identify themselves by providing personal details
such as name, phone number etc.

c.The card or personal details must be provided at every transaction to obtain Rewards Discounts.

d.Members can choose not to receive any correspondence from SportsPower Nowra by contacting Management. Selecting this option will terminate
Membership and therefore be ineligible to receive Rewards Discounts.

e.Any liability arising out of or in any way connected with a Members participation in the Members Rewards Program is the responsibility of that

f.All conditions and warranties, whether express or implied under statute or otherwise, as the condition, suitability, quality or safety of any goods or services  supplied under The Members Rewards Program are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Any liability SportsPower Nowra may have to a Member under statute in respect of such goods and services which cannot be excluded is limited, where permitted to supplying or paying the costs of repairing the goods at the sole discretion of SportsPower Nowra.

g.Subject to paragraph 3.f. any liability that SportsPower Nowra may have to a Member whether for negligence, breach of contract or otherwise is, to the extent permitted by law, limited in the case of any offer or special discount, to reinstate that offer special discount (as the case may be)

4. Rewards Discounts

a.Every $1 spent with SportsPower Nowra will go towards your Reward Discount total. Once a Members total reaches $500 they will be issued with a $25

b.The $25 Reward Discount can only be redeemed against the next purchase made at SportsPower Nowra in store or on line at

c.Reward Discount amounts will not accrue for any amount spent on alterations of merchandise to the same dollar value, for any administrative
costs if the card is lost or stolen and replaced, nor for any amount spent on merchandise provided by a third party collecting for charitable purposes.
Rewards Discounts cannot be collected on the purchase and redemption of gift card/vouchers and or laybys and sale items are also excluded.

d.Any Rewards Discounts credited in error or relating to a transaction cancelled or reversed where a refund is given will be deducted.

e.Rewards Discounts issued under the Program are not transferable, not redeemable for cash and are not negotiable instruments nor can they be used
as payment for any accounts or laybys.

5. Cancellations

a.If a Member chooses to no longer participate in the Members Rewards Program or receive any future correspondence they can withdraw by writing to
SportsPower Nowra or sending an email.

b.SportsPower Nowra reserves the right to amend or vary any or all of the terms and conditions and or suspend or terminate the Members Rewards

c.SportsPower Nowra will make all reasonable efforts to communicate advance written notice of such changes using methods including, but not limited to
notification on the website and email each Member. SportsPower Nowra will provide advance notice in order that each Member may terminate participation
in the Program during the period of advance notice.

d.A Member who continues to use card or personal details after the expiry of advance notice will be deemed as accepting the amended Terms and Conditions, any benefits and discounts available under the Program and any Membership (as the case may be).

e.Amended Terms and Conditions, the Program or any benefits and discounts available under the Program will be available online at the website.

f.SportsPower Nowra may terminate a Members participation in the Program without notice for any reason, without limitation, if a Member:

i.Fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

ii.Provides SportsPower Nowra with any misleading information.

 6. Privacy Statement

a.A Member can access his or her personal information held by SportsPower Nowra

(K-Sports Management Pty Ltd ACN: 146074759) by contacting Management via telephone, email or post.

b.The purpose of SportsPower Nowra collecting personal information is for a Member to participate in the program. The privacy statement and these Terms
and Conditions form part of each other. SportsPower Nowra does not offer, sell or lease personal information to non-affiliated companies or entities.

c.SportsPower Nowra records information regarding purchases made by Members to help SportsPower Nowra provide Members with benefits including but not limited to special offers, discounts, invitations and competitions.

7. Other Rewards & Offers

a.SportsPower Nowra may offer Members opportunities to enter competitions and receive special offers. Competitions and offers will have their own
Terms and Conditions which will be accessible online or in store. Competitions may limit certain Members from entering or claiming prize or

8. General

a.Any cards issued and technology used by SportsPower Nowra may depend on third parties and SportsPower Nowra cannot be held accountable for
technological failures or errors and or fraud.

b.Third parties involved in the Members Reward Program do not have any authority, express or implied to any representation, warranty or statement
on behalf of SportsPower Nowra and SportsPower Nowra accepts no liability in respect of such representations, warranties or statements.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SportsPower Nowra Members Rewards Program?

SportsPower Nowra is excited about a Members Reward Program which not only rewards customer loyalty by offering a $25 discount after spending $500, but also provides customers with information about the latest sporting products, specials, competitions and much more.

How do I join?

Just by visiting our store at 6/29 Kinghorne St, Nowra or our website

Is there a joining fee?


Do I need an email address to become a Member?

Yes. A valid email address must be provided to become a Member.

Do I get points for Laybys and Gift Vouchers/Cards?

No. Rewards discounts cannot be accumulated on laybys and Gift Vouchers/Cards.

How do I earn Rewards?

Every $1 spent in store or online accumulates and once you reach $500 you will receive a $25 credit which can then be used against your next purchase.

What happens if I lose or damage my card?

In the event a card is issued and is lost or stolen then a replacement card can be received by visiting the store or contacting SportsPower Nowra via email or post.