"I prefer SportsPower Nowra than other sports shops due to their high quality items, great customer service and the Manager actually understood that I had
a budget.

They gave me relevant and helpful advice that will prevent me from injuring myself. I wasn't pressurised to buy product - it was my choice."

-- Isaac Hogan - Shoalhaven

"SportsPower Nowra not only provided expert advice on small items such as goggles and larger items like trampolines, but they also delivered with a smile and installed as well. WOW.

Thanks from a single Mum - You go the extra mile!"

-- Lora - Greenwell Point

"Before I went into Sportspower at Nowra I was a complete novice with little or no fitness experience.  At age 62 I wanted to lose the tummy and get
generally motivated to undertake a moderate fitness regime (whatever that is).  After a few false starts on the internet looking at treadmills - now I
will, now I won't - I decided I wanted to talk to a real person who might help me understand treadmills and what I might need.  George was right on
the case and talked and walked me through the different treadmills and what they offer as well as what my needs were.  He gave me his complete
attention, even when I went glassy eyed and needed pulling gently back to the here and now.

I decided that the time was right as I was pumped with George's great encouragement and within 24 hours (give or take) I had a lovely Bodyworx
treadmill installed and ready to go.

Service - AAA+
Information - AAA+
Installation - AAA+"

-- Linda from Worrigee.